We The People NJ hope to obtain the support of the Governor through peaceful marches for their right to choose personal safety and responsibility in the face of Covid-19 rather than lockdowns.


It is apparent that many businesses are struggling, others are barely hanging on and many have already closed with devastating consequences to owners, their families, employees, landlords and others.  Children have gotten little value from school in nearly a year and those who graduated with the hopes of employment and bright futures are finding themselves left behind with their educations becoming dated and undesirable to employers.

Those who are at high risk of COVID-19 do have the right, and responsibility, to stay at home with their essentials being delivered but those who are likely to suffer mildly and have great odds of recovery, based on information we know to date, also have the Constitutional right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  

We The People NJ want the Governor to know that there is a very significant segment of the population of New Jersey that is suffering from a cure that is worse than the disease and We The People NJ find this to be unacceptable. The lockdown last spring has not prevented Covid-19 or any new resurgence.  Last winter, we were told that warm weather would kill the virus but it did not. The virus is still here and the consequences of lockdowns to business owners, students, mental health patients, people suffering from addiction, senior citizens locked in isolation, and living in constant fear has been devastating both emotionally and financially with an increase in overdoses and suicides among multiple segments of the population.  

We The People NJ invite each and every person suffering from the lockdowns to join our peaceful marches and take a stand for your rights against this devastation before there is no way NJ can ever recover.    Each and every person that has been waiting for someone to take a stand against the lockdowns should be at our marches because we are taking a stand and may be the last chance for NJ.