Writing is on the wall and the people see it. People are reacting the exact same way they did in the spring, preparing for lockdowns. Toilet paper and water are emptying off the store shelves again and people get ready for the inevitable. I say it doesn’t have to be inevitable. I say that we change the narrative. We are speaking to you as someone who has been impacted like so many others. Many already closed and many more are not going to make it through another round of lockdowns. Also, they’re talking about the numbers being worse than in the spring so we have to be concerned about a more intrusive lockdown this time

The only way this narrative is going to change is if we stand up and demanded. Last year we went inside our homes, we forwent economic Opportunity and allowed kids to miss out on an entire year of education. There are young adults who graduated last year that never got to accept jobs that had been waiting for them and now they have missed that opportunity after everything they put into their education whether it’s high school college or graduate school.

This is not a choice we have at this point – it is an obligation. It is an obligation to each other, to the youth that is going to live with is action or inaction today, and to ourselves